training material related to the MaX flagship codes

quantum-espresso-150 Electronic structure calculations using plane waves
Lecture notes and tutorials:
Efficient density-functional calculations with atomic orbitals
Lecture notes and tutorials:
Full Potential Linearized Augmented Plane Wave Method: A DFT all-electron method
Lecture notes:
yambo-150 Many Body Perturbation Theory
Lecture notes on MBPT theoretical background, Quasi particle correction (GW) and absorption spectroscopy (TDDFT and BSE):
Tutorial on the use of the Yambo code:
New Tutorials prepared in occasion of the Cecam school: “Advanced computing of excited state properties in solids and nanostructures with Yambo”:
Path Integral techniques for the atomic-scale modelling of the quantum behavior of materials and molecules. (i-PI)
Lecture Slides:
 aiida-logo2 Automated Interactive Infrastructure and Database for Computational Science 
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