MaX gathers leading developers and users of materials applications, together with top experts in HPC. It is based on the collaboration of 14 teams, located at

5 research institutionsCNR | Modena IT (E. Molinari)
SISSA | Trieste IT (S. Baroni)
ICN2 | Barcelona ES (P. Ordejon)
FZ | Jülich DE (S. Blügel)
EPFL | Lausanne CH (N. Marzari)
5 supercomputing centres CINECA | Bologna IT (C. Cavazzoni)
ETHZ | Zürich CH (J. Vandevondele)
FZ | Jülich DE (D. Pleiter)
CEA | Grenoble FR (T. Deutsch)
BSC| Barcelona ES (S. Mohr)
2 technology partnersArm | Cambridge UK (F. Spiga)
E4 Computer Engineering | Scandiano IT (F. Magugliani)
1 global research & education
institution +
4 communication, training & dissemination partners

ICTP Unesco | Trieste IT (I. Girotto)
Psi-k | Jülich DE
CECAM | Lausanne CH (S. Bonella)
UGent | Gent BE (S. Cottenier)
Trust-IT | Pisa IT (S. Muscella)

Third parties participating to the project:

Our joint effort is coordinated by MaX director Elisa Molinari and the MaX management staff based at CNR-Nano in Modena, Italy.