MaX gathers leading developers and users of materials applications, together with top experts in HPC. It is based on the collaboration of 13 teams, located at

5 research institutions Modena CNR (E. Molinari)
Trieste SISSA (S. Baroni)
Barcelona ICN2 (P. Ordejon)
Jülich FZ (S. Blügel)
Lausanne EPFL (N. Marzari)
5 supercomputing centres Bologna CINECA (C. Cavazzoni)
Lugano ETH/CSCS (T. Schulthess)
Jülich FZ (D. Pleiter)
Stockholm KTH (E. Laure)
Barcelona BSC (J. Cela)
1 global research & education institution,
and 2 business partners in hw and open source technologies
Trieste ICTP Unesco (I. Girotto)
E4 Computer Engineering (F. Magugliani)
CloudWeavers (C. Daffara)

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, FIM Dept, participates as third party.

Our joint effort is coordinated by MaX director Elisa Molinari and the MaX management staff based at CNR-Nano in Modena, Italy (see contacts below).