Delivered reports are available by clicking on the Deliverable Title. A .pdf file will be downloaded.

Deliverable  Deliverable Title Due
D1.1 Definition of a software-development plan 6 28/02/2016
D1.2 First release (R1) of MaX codes 12 31/08/2016
D1.3 Socket-interfaced demonstration of code PALENQUE 12 31/08/2016
D1.4 Second release (R2) of MaX codes 27 30/11/2017
D1.5 Third and final release (R3) of MaX codes 34 30/06/2018
D1.6 Release of the i-PI PALENQUE code 30 28/02/2018
D2.1 First Report on specific community needs and challenges 18 28/02/2017
D2.2 Final Report on specific community needs and challenges 36 31/08/2018
D2.3 Release of a computational protocol for tribochemistry 24 31/08/2017
D2.4 Release of a computational protocol for molten salts properties 24 31/08/2017
D2.5 Release of a computational protocol to simulate optical colour properties 24 31/08/2017
D2.6 Release of a turnkey solution to automatically transform crystallographic database structures 12 31/08/2016
D3.1 Data management plan 6 28/02/2016
D3.2 Development of the AiiDA plugins for the flagship code 12 31/08/2016
D3.3 Release of a documented protocol for data sharing 18 28/02/2017
D3.4 Updated data management plan 18 28/02/2017
D3.5 Release of a web open repository of data, workflows and turnkey solutions 24 31/08/2017
D3.6 Repository advertisement and dissemination of results 30 28/02/2018
D4.1 Identification of problems and strategies in material science towards exascale 12 31/08/2016
D4.2 Implementation of new paradigms and common strategies: Proof of concept 18 28/02/2017
D4.3 Material science at exascale: software implementation 36 31/08/2018
D5.1 Setup of a second CoE website dedicated to industrial users 6 28/02/2016
D5.2 Setup of the CoE services, including a dedicated space in the CoE portal 12 31/08/2016
D5.3 Report on the industrial outreach activities and CoE services, months 1-15 18 28/02/2017
D5.4 Report on the industrial outreach activities and CoE services, months 16-30 36 31/08/2018
D6.1 Development of the Education and Training Programme and publication on the webpage 6 28/02/2016
D6.2 Webpage with education resources from MaX 12 31/08/2016
D6.3 First report on training courses/workshops 18 28/02/2017
D6.4 Second report on training courses/workshops 36 31/08/2018
D7.1 Project website and graphical identity material 4 31/12/2015
D7.2 First report on setup of CoE governing bodies, infrastructure, KPI defs, IPR implementation 6 28/02/2016
D7.3 First report on IAB operation and KPI 12 31/08/2016
D7.4 Draft business plan: preliminary exploitation strategy and market report 12 31/08/2016
D7.5 First report on dissemination 18 28/02/2017
D7.6 Second report on IAB operation 30 28/02/2018
D7.7 Second report on CoE infrastructure and service 24 31/08/2017
D7.8 Business plan assessment and revision 30 28/02/2018
D7.9 Second report on dissemination and final MaX workshop 36 31/08/2018